Monday, 20 April 2015

Mojo and Schleich arrivals

As well as Stablemates, March and April have brought some CTF models into my collection.

First up, the Mojo Fjord mare. I've had my eye on this one for a while and think she's quite cute. She's on display for the time being, but her paintjob arrived a little dirty and is a bit strange in places (that two-tone tail!), so I'm considering a makeover or complete customisation. In general I think this would be a cute mould for CTF customs, especially as the finish looks forgiving.

Secondly are the Schleich 2015 donkey mare and foal.

Aren't they the cutest models ever?! In recent years there haven't been many Schleich horses I've warmed to (and some I've outright disliked), but these two I absolutely adore.


Oh and the donkey foal had to bring her friend with her... the Shetland foal! I have an older Shetland mare and foal somewhere but this little one will need a mum of her own eventually.

These have to be some of my favourite recent arrivals and have definitely lead to me "rediscovering" the Schleich catalogue - very dangerous! The models have a lovely level of detail and a quality textured finish, even nicer than the Mojo mare. Anyway, hope you've enjoyed the photos and thanks for reading! :)

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