Wednesday, 15 April 2015

All about Bob

I don't remember which pony I rode in my first every lesson, but it's quite possible it was Bob.

I learned to ride on Bob, Goldie and Purdy (the grey pictured below), with occasional help from Monty and Roscoe.

Bob used to chase me around in circles because I would back off nervously holding his leadrope, and he would follow, and I would back off further. He bit my mum once.

I started riding at the school when I was 6 and Bob was there as a working livery, his owner having grown out of him. I rode him in lessons for years; one of my favourite memories is cantering to the back of the ride, only he caught the eye of a much bigger palomino called Penny and had to race her to the other end of the school.

(Not my photo - saved from our old Pony Club site)

I eventually stopped riding Bob (later than expected as I was skinny as for years - but after a while, I would have needed roller skates) and started leading smaller kids on him. 

When I was 20, the school closed down and Bob went home again. His owner had a little girl who was going to learn to ride on him.

(Not my photo - saved from our old Pony Club site)

Having been Bob or "Bobbit" for years, my mum ran into his owner and found out they'd always called him Bobby Joe.

I doubt I'll get to see him again, but I'll always remember the incredibly cheeky little pony who taught me so much and I'm glad he had a good home to go to after years of working for a living.

Why a "real pony" post on my model blog? You'll have to wait and see...

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