Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Julip Tack - Spring 2017

I did say I was going to post some tack sets, didn't I?

I've made two this year, for the Julip Hunter and Eventer moulds.

My saddles need a lot of work but at least these are obviously saddle-shaped - that's progress enough for now!

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Beswick Foal - China Repair by Arla Kean

A long time ago my Irish grandma gave me a lovely Beswick foal. I knew she was precious and breakable so I kept her on a high shelf. Her name was "Cody" after a bay mare I rode and I had a bay plastic Grand Champions foal who was "Cody" too so she didn't have to miss out of being played with just because she was so fragile.

Over the years Cody's ear got chipped. I can't remember how, just how sad I was that let her get damaged. I kept the chip in a safe place in the hope she could be fixed.

When I went off to university, Daisy May the cat got onto Cody's shelf and broke her even more. I carefully tried to fix her with superglue but it failed completely. My gran had now passed away so I felt even guiltier.

I posted on Model Horse Love asking for China repair recommendations and Arla Kean of Eclectic Kelpie Restoration's name came up. I was really apprehensive sending my foal off - can you imagine if I not only broke my inherited foal, but lost her by posting her to a stranger? - but as you can see, I have her back now, all in one perfect piece.

Can you tell she was ever broken?? I can't! 

If you need any repairs doing I am making a huge recommendation for Eclectic Kelpie Restoration - very reasonable price, great communication and perfect work. Thank you Arla! And sorry it has taken me so long to post this, I have meant to for a long time ;) 

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Lakes Live 2017

Unbelievably it's July again which means time for the Lake District Live show!

It's not quite as extreme as all those hobbyists currently travelling to Breyerfest but still required an early start.
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Stacey, Nicky & family had done a fab job with the hall as ever.

They'd also chosen beautiful rosettes:
Check out the special pawprint rosettes for Pets!
We started with Spares, of course. I'll introduce newbie Supernova soon :)

Then first up were the mould and colour-themed classes.
Spirited Away/Ginger, owned by Heather
Heather's jumping horse restoration.
Christine's Welsh Pony, who only wears pink...
...and has a heart on her nose <3
The colour class championship
Silvermind won reserve champ! Good boy.
Next up were scene classes, starting with "Something Scary". Due to work going pretty much insane the week before the show, I didn't feel any of my entries were complete enough to take. I still enjoyed seeing everyone else's wonderful creations though.
Yep, tractors are definitely scary.
The bay horse may be OK with skips, but...
...the grey isn't going to go near it!
On close inspection, Christine's first scene contains an actual scary monster.
But her second entry of a vets' bill was far more terrifying in my opinion!
The next class was themed "Fundraising". We had sales, ponies at work and a (tasteful) nude calendar.

I think the teabags actually contained tea. Don't tell me if it's not true.
The Pet classes ran simultaneously in lots of mini showrings which worked really well. Elli's graduating dog won champion for the section. 

The next section was fun and ridden classes.
Jan's Welsh pony is so pretty.
A much deserved winner in "Best Dressed".

My entry into the conga class. I don't have lots of any particular mould or colour - but I do have lots of tack and tack boxes.
Stacey's famous Dartmoor conga.

I nearly missed the supreme championship because I was outside looking at the view. 

Thank you Stacey & family for another fabulous day in the Lake District! See you next year.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Copperfox Sovereign

I followed the creation of new UK-based model horse brand Copperfox from the start and really liked what they were doing. However, I have a very limited budget and tend to spend my "model horse money" on Julips. I couldn't really justify a Copperfox, however lovely they are.

When they released a beautiful palomino Welsh Cob, Sovereign, my resolve was tested again. Thankfully for my bank balance he sold out before I could be persuaded.

And then Copperfox announced that they'd be selling "seconds" for a reduced price. The sort of defects they described were pretty minor so this sounded perfect for me. I only show at Julip shows - my plastic and trad-scale models just decorate my home - so I did't need a 100% perfect Sovereign.

He looks pretty perfect to me though!
There's nothing obvious to make him a "second" - some very slight marks to his near side and maybe the paint on the plait in his mane isn't very sharp? But for shelf display, there's nothing that stands out as wrong with him. I'm very impressed with what Copperfox have produced!
Also - how good are these boxes? I'd thought they looked smart from photos but didn't realise they're designed as safe storage for the model too. Impressed again!
As you can tell I'm super pleased with this new addition to my collection - definitely worth branching out from the bendy latex ponies to buy! Thank you Copperfox for bringing such lovely models to life!

Saturday, 22 April 2017

April 2017

Hi everyone!

I can't believe it's already April - this year is going so fast.

I've been pretty slow with updates here. Some people can update their blogs with cool stuff three times a week. I am not one of those people! But I have a few things to post, so I should have some new entries up soon.

So that I remember, they are going to be...
* Hulland Julip Live 2017
* New Julips from HJL17
* My first Copperfox!
* Tack sets - Julip Eventer, Julip Hunter
* My new stable set-up

I also need to work on completing my My Beautiful Horses site, because the stats show me it has at least, like, 2 people reading it and I'm a plastic pony nerd so I just want to.


Caitlin x

Monday, 27 February 2017

Sooty palomino AQH

This month I was lucky enough to purchase a sooty palomino Julip AQH second-hand,
I saw her on the Spares table at a live show sometime last year and was very tempted. However, I'd already made my purchases for the day.
I'm very grateful for a second chance to add her to my collection!