Sunday, 26 April 2015

Julip Bob!

I recently wrote a post all about Bob, but neglected to explain why. Here's the answer - Bob has arrived in Julip form! I am so happy to have such a beautiful portrait of a pony who I loved and who taught me to ride.

I have always though the Pit Pony mould was perfect for Bob and I know that Elli also has a portrait of him on it (who you can see in my Julip Live Photos post). However, having seen a modified version of the mould in a Julip spares batch I ordered him with feathering and a turned head. I am so pleased with the result!

Indoor photo just to keep showing off his gorgeous chestnut colouring:

Bob reunited with his old friend Goldie, getting him into some sort of trouble by the looks of things:

In other news, my Easter diorama came 6th in the competition - yay! Here are the prizes - a very fancy rosette ...

...and two bunnies! Thank you Laura!

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