Friday, 3 April 2015

Breyer Mawari rug

Here's my first Traditional Scale rug, a stable rug for the Breyer Mawari and matching headcollar.

I paid more attention to making a pattern for this one than my Julip rugs, so it is shaped to the horse's spine. It needed two tries and the first felt base is now sat in the scrap fabric box...

I know I haven't posted in a few months - I've made very few things lately because of the "big grown up person job", but I'm on holiday over Easter so should have time for some fun projects :) I'm also hunting for a new job, because I don't like all the politics of working for a big corporate company - it was nice to have something waiting for me out of uni and I need the money, but it's definitely not for me and I'm on the lookout for something more related to my science background. 

Anyway, I'm on holiday now for ten days and it feels lovely, I have a little table set up in the corner for making things so I'm settling in to enjoy it!

P.S. Here is the lovely Mawari I spent my Christmas money on! He has quite a few seams and factory flaws sadly, but I like how fancy and skittish he looks.

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