Saturday, 22 October 2016

Rugs, October 2016

I've been busy lately making pony clothes.

A patterned stable rug for Pendragon:

A stablerug for Archie II in fabric I really, really love:

A travel set for Arthur to wear in a "going to Rio" diorama:

Two stable rugs to fit the Arab Champion (the pink one has a new home now).

I made Momma Spot her green rug a long time ago and decided the night before the Julip Live that she and her baby needed matching rugs and headcollars too. Some frantic sewing and sticking later...

I also "made" some of the ponies little kit boxes for their rugs and headcollars:

But unbelievably, that's not enough boxes for all of them!

Thanks for reading :)

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