Saturday, 22 October 2016


After the Julip Live my models were a bit abandoned while I went off on a vet placement. When I got home I rearranged some of my display and thought it would be nice to share some photos.

My horses are mostly displayed around the desk where I make their accessories. The stablemates sit in the square shelves you can see here and the Julips are on the black shelves just visible on the left. I also do my makeup here in the mornings hence the mirror!

Here are the Stablemates shelves, also home to my favourite Schleich and Breyer Traditional models as well as Julip bunnies. Most of the Schleich are packed away with my 1/24 stable block and my other Trads are in our living room. 

Above the shelves I keep rosettes, mostly won by the models but a few by me on real horses. The plastic ponies have had more than me over the last few years!

Moving on to the Julip shelves...

The horses get re-arranged every time I take them to a show but for the moment Arthur and the eventer I can't name share the top shelf with tack boxes and Branault the stablemate custom. You can see a lanyard made by Stacey for the Lakes Live hanging too and a stick. I don't know what the stick is for - it belongs to Tom.

Working up from the bottom, we have Elf, Coral, Pumpkin, Burley, Peachblossom and an un-named custom on the lower shelf. They aren't on the lowest shelf because I like them less or anything like that, it's just how they got unpacked this time! Foxinabox sits here too.

On the next shelf we have Pendragon, Bohemia, Murphy, Shuckstone and Autumn, plus Wicken the dog and cats Patches and Boris.

Moving up we have a pretty Arab mare I've not named yet, Mommaspot, Constellation (aka Babyspot), new Fjordling, Bob and Goldy.

Finally we have five horses where the naming really falls down - Fledge and Archie II plus three new-ish ponies with no names. 

A close up of the top shelf:

Hope you've enjoyed this "tour" of my collection - how are yours displayed?

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