Sunday, 23 October 2016

Julip Live 2016 - Spares Purchases

Having consulted my bank account and my conscience, I decided I could have two spares at the Julip Live if (haha, "if") two caught my eye.

Foals don't count, right? Because they're so small?
I fell in love with the baby Fjord and despite not having a Fjord mummy had to have her. Luckily Katie from J-Club has a Fjord called Honey with no baby, so we decided she could adopt this one and they went on to enter Mare & Foal together :)

I also picked up this modified Family Horse - I think the dropped head really suits this mould and I'm glad to have finally got my hands on one of Laura's beautiful mapped skewbalds.

Aaaand I bought this caramel coloured Irish Draft Horse too. Although I'm pants at making tack I can't wait to see him in a performance set up, I think he'll look so smart.

He does add to my army of "Other Colour Class" entrants though - he and Autumn are similar but different in a nice way. He's like a much richer version of her colour, practically glowing next to her!

I also helped Helen pick out her Spares as she was poorly and couldn't come to the show, which was such a shame. I encouraged her into purchasing two dogs and an incredibly pretty bay Arab, proving I've joined the ranks of Julip-buying enablers!

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