Saturday, 9 August 2014

Tack and mini customs

Last month I got to spend two weeks in the Scottish Highlands, which are beautiful! I took my paints and pastels and completed a few little customs:

First up is "Branault", named after the place where we stayed. Branault is a Breyer Stablemates thoroughbred body turned into a dappled bay with pastels, acrylics, gloss on the hooves/eyes and sealed with Testors. She's my first try at dappled bay and I'm really pleased with the overall colour. I used a brown base coat rather than white and it made a rich bay much easier to achieve.

Secondly an unbranded plastic foal in Stablemates scale. She needs a name and a breed, although I thought mixed breed pony may work best. I used Citadel paints, a little pastel and Citadel Purity Seal, which turns out to be much nicer to use than Testors as well as easier to get hold of.

This Stablemates TB is a custom I started in acrylics years ago. She's waited in the body box for ages and I finally decided I was never going to change her colour any further so I finally added her eyes, hooves and gloss details. It's nice to see her finished at last even if I feel I've improved since starting her off. She is named "Mudle" ("Moodle") after a loch near where we stayed.

Today I sewed my first rug in ages, a green summer sheet for Sundancer the Grand Champion:

And here is a two-tone padded headcollar for the Breyer Valentine mould that I finished a while back:

More photos to come of Stablemates I've not photographed yet and my first Traditional scale bridle.

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