Saturday, 23 August 2014

Rugs and a rolltop

I took a look in my horses' "wardrobe" recently and decided I could definitely improve on the felt and satin ribbon rugs that I made several years ago. I've made three sets of rugs and headcollars in Classic scale so far, including Sundancer's green set from my previous post.

New navy blue and green set for Goldie:

I also chickened out of rehairing him, so plaited his mane instead:

And a red set for Bohemia:

I also decided to build a roll-top jump in Stablemate scale. My grandma recently passed some of my grandad's old model-making supplies onto me, so I used his stash of (stolen?) coffee-stirrers. There is a balsa wood frame inside and the curved surface the planks are attached to is corrugated card. To finish off I stained the wood and added the flags.

(I think I would need to change the angle the SM jumper jumps at to make this more realistic.)

I love making model stuff, it stops me getting bored (which I hate) and I always feel I've achieved something, however tiny :) thanks for reading!

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