Friday, 15 August 2014

Hunters, racehorses, kiang and zebra.

I've seen a very wide range of equines this month! The first set of photos are from Bakewell Show. I usually go to a local show in the summer but this year I was away, so went to Bakewell for the morning of its Equestrian Day.

Ex racehorses: this is one of my favourite classes because they're each a little success story, having survived racing and found new homes. My boyfriend came to the show too (uncomplaining but not very excitedly) and thought they were too skittish, as well as less exciting than jumping horses.

(Love this gelding's colour: fleabitten and dappled grey on the same horse :) )

Hunters at the show:

One beautiful grey keeping her stablemates company in the collecting ring:

A sleepy little pony (maybe a Connemara?) who was absolutely adorable but not too keen on dressage:

Then on a different note, Tibetan Kiang (wild asses) at Edinburgh zoo:

And Grevy's Zebra! They had a lovely large enclosure with other ungulates. I hadn't seen zebra in such a natural environment before and they were beautiful (hence quite a few photographs...).

(Love the base of those ears...!)

A beautiful stripy back!

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