Saturday, 15 July 2017

Beswick Foal - China Repair by Arla Kean

A long time ago my Irish grandma gave me a lovely Beswick foal. I knew she was precious and breakable so I kept her on a high shelf. Her name was "Cody" after a bay mare I rode and I had a bay plastic Grand Champions foal who was "Cody" too so she didn't have to miss out of being played with just because she was so fragile.

Over the years Cody's ear got chipped. I can't remember how, just how sad I was that let her get damaged. I kept the chip in a safe place in the hope she could be fixed.

When I went off to university, Daisy May the cat got onto Cody's shelf and broke her even more. I carefully tried to fix her with superglue but it failed completely. My gran had now passed away so I felt even guiltier.

I posted on Model Horse Love asking for China repair recommendations and Arla Kean of Eclectic Kelpie Restoration's name came up. I was really apprehensive sending my foal off - can you imagine if I not only broke my inherited foal, but lost her by posting her to a stranger? - but as you can see, I have her back now, all in one perfect piece.

Can you tell she was ever broken?? I can't! 

If you need any repairs doing I am making a huge recommendation for Eclectic Kelpie Restoration - very reasonable price, great communication and perfect work. Thank you Arla! And sorry it has taken me so long to post this, I have meant to for a long time ;) 

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  1. Arla is BRILL.....I have several horses with her at the moment, several that have been repaired and several that need to go. You cant go wrong with Arla if you want a super unfindable fix. If you are in the USA you need Nan Wagner...:-)