Sunday, 31 May 2015

Horse reference: Part-bred Fjord

This handsome boy belongs to the Destrier jousting group and was photographed at the Bosworth Battlefield Re-Enactment weekend 2014.

Handsome part-bred Fjord genetics: I think that this boy is another yellow or zebra dun, like Murphy the mule. His dorsal stripe marks him as a dun and the tone of his coat, plus dark mane and tail, show that his base colour is bay. Like Murphy he shows several dun factors: dark ear tips, leg barring, frosting on his mane and tail and what I think might be mottling on his upper legs. I think we can also see condition dapples on his belly. We had a quick chat with his owner (and the trainer at Destrier - what an amazing thing to do!) who told us he was rescued from a rough home and confirmed that she thought he was a part Fjord. I suppose his dun genes could have come from the Fjord parent/ancestor or both parents.

If you would like to use these photos as model painting references please go ahead, I only ask that you share a link to the blog if you put your work online. Of course, if the photos of your horse and you would like them removing, I will do - or feel free to use them yourself. Thank you!

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