Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Julip arrivals (and nostalgia!)

(Feel free to scroll down to the photos, I get pretty nostalgic about my Julip collection at the start of this post!)

Looking back at the dates of the Julip catalogues I have under the bed, I first sent off for one when I was eight years old. Within a few years of that I had three Horse of the Year models - Banner, Moondance and Jigsaw - but the beautiful Julip Originals were out of my price range and too "collectible" for a child anyway. That didn't stop me poring over the photos and spending hours on the old J-Club forum coveting other people's.

Then in 2006, a very elderly pony who taught me a lot when I was first learning to ride passed away. I sent Annabel at Julip some photos of him and had a portrait of Goldie painted up on the New Forest mould. Having got a taste for the Originals range I saved up 
and ordered a bay Arab Champion mare the next year, who I named Bohemia.

The rest of this post can be read in a tone of "Caitlin was very good" or "Caitlin was very bad"...

Until today, my Julip Original collection stayed at two horses. I adored them but couldn't justify spending so much money on models, especially not as a teenager when there are so many things you think you want. So if we take the "Caitlin was very good" angle, I didn't buy a new Julip for SEVEN YEARS. On the other hand, if you're feeling less charitable, you can point out I was recently very naughty and increased my collection by 150% practically overnight.

To be honest I've just realised I should spend my money on what makes me happy and today has definitely proved that opening a box of latex horses can do just that. I was also lucky enough to be given some graduation money by my grandma which certainly helped. I don't think I'll last anything like seven years until my next order!

First up is a blue roan pony on the Welsh mould:
He has a star, a snip and a cute dorsal stripe:

And arriving from the same "stable", a cremello pony:

This Child's Jumping Pony is my first Julip from the company under it's new ownership. I've been really impressed with their services and especially their patience as I wanted the pony making darker twice!! This one is my proper "graduation present", based on the colour of a beautiful New Forest pony I saw this summer and painted on the CJP mould which I have wanted an example of for as long as I've known about it!

Just in case you thought that was all of my new Julips, I also bought my first stableyard pet this month. He looks a bit like a dog I caught straying near Wicken Fen so I might try and use that to come up with a name for him. 

As all these new models arrived in one parcel (two from Laura's collection and one from her Julip company) my Originals collection has gone overnight from this...
...to this!

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