Thursday, 4 September 2014

Carriage horses and customs

This month I was lucky enough to visit Prague and see, among other things, the carriage horses who take tourists around the city. 

As usual I managed to fret over their welfare but to my (amateur) eyes they mostly seemed happy and healthy. 

(LOVE the bright bay here: he just looked so solid!)

There were some aspects of carriage driving I understood (I was dead pleased with myself for knowing they had Liverpool bits, which I just learnt about) and others I didn't - one pair had very tight throat lashes, which just seemed mean, and they all wore wedge-shaped shoes under their heels.

The driver of this bay pair let me pet them :) 

Last month I finished off another old custom from the body box, a Stablemates rearing Arabian in pastels and acrylic:

And today this My Beautiful Horses custom got the same treatment. I think he'll become part of my 1/24th scale diorama. He's done in pastels and acrylic with glossed stripy hooves and two-tone eyes.


These two (slightly scary) ladies were toy riders from a job lot. I sorted out their hair and repainted their outfits to more sensible colours. They're to be the human figures in the stable diorama.

And here's a shot from the stable diorama which is still a work in progress... I keep finding things to add in!

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