Sunday, 6 April 2014

Old collection photos

While looking for some (slightly) old photos in my little-used photobucket account, I discovered all sorts of even older pictures from right when I started "collecting". These days my collection fits (almost) tidily onto two shelves and many boxes, but it's taken it a long time to get here...

At first, my models lived in shoebox stables on my bedroom floor. My mum thought this was untidy so she made me a table for my "yard". (I didn't like the table very much because it placed a limit on how much of my bedroom the "yard" could cover). This is a bit later on once I'd progressed to shop-bought stables.

From the looks of my old photos, while I played with flock horses my littler models moved onto some shelves (which also housed a paddock for the flockies). Looking back I'm not 100% sure what all these models are...

I redecorated my room in vibrant yellow when I was 13 and put all my models in a cabinet that was fancier than the lot of them put together. But I cared about them so that's what mattered :)

Pretty soon I became a "proper teenager" and got embarrassed by a whole cabinet of models. I'm guessing I was 14 at this point because the little photo under the horses is a LARP we held for my birthday that year (I have a geeky past. And also a geeky present and most likely a geeky future). But I kept a lot of them out above my desk.

I redecorated again at the start of sixth form and neglected my model horse collection for a while. Over the last year and a half, as I've got hooked again, I realised I needed horses on display once again and added some model shelves to my room once again. A couple of horses always end up in my uni accommodation too - on top of the wardrobe and on a fancy mantelpiece over a boarded-up fireplace. And later this year I should be renting a new place of my own when I start my job, hopefully with plenty of space to display my horses!

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