Sunday, 30 April 2017

Copperfox Sovereign

I followed the creation of new UK-based model horse brand Copperfox from the start and really liked what they were doing. However, I have a very limited budget and tend to spend my "model horse money" on Julips. I couldn't really justify a Copperfox, however lovely they are.

When they released a beautiful palomino Welsh Cob, Sovereign, my resolve was tested again. Thankfully for my bank balance he sold out before I could be persuaded.

And then Copperfox announced that they'd be selling "seconds" for a reduced price. The sort of defects they described were pretty minor so this sounded perfect for me. I only show at Julip shows - my plastic and trad-scale models just decorate my home - so I did't need a 100% perfect Sovereign.

He looks pretty perfect to me though!
There's nothing obvious to make him a "second" - some very slight marks to his near side and maybe the paint on the plait in his mane isn't very sharp? But for shelf display, there's nothing that stands out as wrong with him. I'm very impressed with what Copperfox have produced!
Also - how good are these boxes? I'd thought they looked smart from photos but didn't realise they're designed as safe storage for the model too. Impressed again!
As you can tell I'm super pleased with this new addition to my collection - definitely worth branching out from the bendy latex ponies to buy! Thank you Copperfox for bringing such lovely models to life!


  1. I adore Copperfox's models too! I think it's a great thing that they offer 'seconds' as well, especially for collectors who aren't showing their models anyway. <3

    1. Yep and I'm really impressed they didn't just try to pass these off as non-seconds/full price models. I've had brand new Breyers arrive with more flaws!