Saturday, 25 January 2014

New Breyer arrivals

My godmother sent me some money for Christmas last year. I've had quite a lot of unavoidable expenses lately - camera, phone, laptop AND car repairs - so I wasn't going to buy this pretty new traditional. But I figured given that since the money was a gift, I could have something nice.

For the first time, I asked Utterly Horses to send my package blank. Usually I love that "model horses in transit" tape, but in college it would mean explaining to too many people! (Instead they sent "model dinosaurs in transit", which is probably even weirder.) As it turned out, the porter in charge of the mail room today asked me what was in my parcel and I just said "Oh, I make models sometimes, it's some stuff for that," because I didn't want to lie to him. He was really interested and told me about all these models he wants to make when he retires! We stood in the baggage room for something like 20 minutes talking about tiny stuff :)

Super packing!

Unwrapped but... I still had a lot of work to do for uni, so I told myself to read one more paper before I could open the boxes.

No proper photos yet, but here he is! Frankel is really lovely, I can't wait to try and make some racing tack. (Paul the porter wants to see photos of things I've made too, hehe.)

Not got a lot of room for displaying models at uni... Found him a safe spot on top of the wardrobe though.

I also finally got this Stablemate Sports Horse. I've coveted this mould and this colour in particular for so long, it's just always out of stock.

Although I'm really pleased with this model, I've been trying to learn how to spot inaccuracies in sculpts recently. I think maybe the head is a little small and the forelegs set too wide apart? All the same I'm really pleased with this new addition and I think I should make her a little cross country jump.

That's all for today: a lot of excitement for two OF models, but they're a welcome treat after a week of intense uni work!

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