Wednesday, 22 January 2014

In which I revert to being 8 years old

Sooo, having said that I'm no longer looking to complete my My Beautiful Horses collection...

When I went home for Christmas I re-organised my models in storage. The MBH came out of one big box and were sorted into neat, labelled boxes. I made a list of who I had and didn't have. So when this lot came up on eBay I knew I was missing three of them and I didn't have a good condition version of the fourth.

Plus, they were in the MBH magazine a lot when I was a kid, so I'd always wanted them.

And my boyfriend just bought a lot of Dungeons & Dragons minifigures, so I was suffering geek jealousy.

Aaaand they came with all the tack and accessories! I never had enough saddles to go around when I used to play with my horses.

They arrived today :)

Princess the Appaloosa, No. 18

Rusty the Cleveland Bay, No. 19

Romany the Mustang, No. 20

Maria the Maremarra, No. 41

They came with some jumps too, although not from the same sets as the horses. I had the hedge jump when I was little, but it was second hand so I never knew it had a water attachment. Below are all the little accessories and the breed cards.

When I got home from the Zoology department today I opened the parcel and was a little kid again for half an hour. I rearranged tiny riders and adjusted their hats and their ponies' tack. I keep a few of my nicer models on the mantlepiece here at uni, as decorations, and they've gained four friends from my childhood ^___^

(Also, I saw some more lots on eBay I want to bid on. This is a dangerous start!)

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