Sunday, 28 August 2016

Stablemates on holiday

This month I finally had a holiday and spent 8 days in the Scottish highlands. The last few years I've always taken some hobby items with me and this time I decided it would be a box of Stablemates to photograph in the beautiful scenery up there.

I took my little ponies to the beach...
...and out in the garden.
They traveled down tiny "riverbeds",
scrambled over rocky outcrops,
and galloped on the sand.
I think I had the most fun posing and photographing the little Mustang. He could skid down banks:
...splash about in more "rivers"...
...sniff at waterfalls...
...and I spent ages getting this shot of him by a rocky outcrop.
Here's a copy with Tom in the background for scale- you will have to zoom in!
More sedate was the cantering warmblood. I found that made it harder to give him realistic settings, but we still had a go.
Out of scale grass, bugs and water droplets are always a challenge when photographing models outside but I couldn't pass up on this landscape shot!
I don't normally take my models out in public but luckily there's rarely anyone to observe my weird hobbies on Ardnamurchan. So no-one notices me washing sandy stablemates in rock pools, for example. (I'm not including the very unflattering photo of me lying on the sand trying to get a good angle for some of these pictures.)
I also brought home a new model - not a horse, but a Bumble-coloured rabbit.
Thanks for reading and I hope everyone else has had a lovely summer!