Friday, 20 May 2016

Julip Arrivals April 2016

The Julip Originals team brought their Spares selection to the Hulland Julip Live and I bought myself two beautiful newbies.

This beautiful girl is on the Arab Mare mould.

I think she looks very regal with the Newnham photo background!

I also chose a roan pony on the new Stock Horse mould. This was cast from the Julip Horse of the Year pony last year - you can see a custom non-bendy version here.

It was also exciting to see the new paint that is being used on the Julip originals. I was wrong - these are the last Julips painted with the old paints. But I've since bought new paint ponies, which I'll be posting soon!
Apparently the old paints are almost completely gone and I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to find a replacement suitable for painting bendy model ponies!

Do I have a roan pony addiction problem? Not at all...

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