Sunday, 25 October 2015

Julip Originals Live 2015 - Scene Classes

Last weekend I attended the Julip Live in Oxford alongside lots of lovely friends and fellow collectors. I can hardly believe it marks almost a year since I first went to a live show! Having known so many J-Club members online for so long it's now as though I always knew their faces too. The hobby has become such a big, positive part of my life again and now it's hard to imagine I ever drifted away from it. It was also wonderful to meet new people, both those I'd chatted away to online and those I was getting to know for the first time.

Enough spiel - now for show photos! I took a lot this time, so I've split them over a couple of posts.

The first section was the Scene Classes... Open Scene, Julips at Work and Scenes from Film, Television, Books or Poems.

Konik ponies have a special place in my heart - this little scene of Charlotte's was precious!
Adelaide's Julip pets ran amok in this entry:
 Stacey and Nicky's horse hydrotherapy scene was wonderful:
 And featured working "heatlamps"!
A lovely woodland scene - there's so much detail loaded into this one, I especially liked the robins.
I was really pleased that my entries in Open Scene and Julips at Work both placed - I had a Halloween set-up and a pony wheelchair for the pit pony mould, designed to help out a pony who was accidentally made with very bendy legs...

Scene classes were followed by Ridden Horse, Ridden Pony and Any Performance, which I'll upload photos of in my next post. Thanks for reading!

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