Sunday, 6 September 2015


Hi everybody! 

Our house move went well and we are almost completely sorted out in the new flat. It's great having so much space compared to my old place! We took a trip to IKEA and I picked up a cheap desk to use for modelmaking projects. I can't say how pleased I am not to have to get everything unpacked to use it each time, cover the dining room table, then choose between putting it all away mid-project or not having a table to use...
Now for the amusing bit. I picked the desk not only because it was cheap, but because it would match the desk Tom's parents gave him from their house. Unfortunately (or rather fortunately for me) I didn't measure his desk and thought that mine would be the same size...
I was wrong! It looks SO unfair! 

After moving we went to Scotland for two weeks on holiday. We saw some lovely wildlife -  I've shared some of the easier-to-photograph creatures' pictures below:
We also saw deer and stags, basking sharks, dolphins, eagles, buzzards, slow worms and otters - a perfect holiday for ex zoology students! Besides wild animals we spent lots of time taking Rab and Rosie for walks.
Hope you enjoyed the photos! I will share my latest model horsey projects fresh off the new worktable soon.

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