Sunday, 7 June 2015

Edwin's progress

I've slowly but surely been working on my vintage Julip Thoroughbred. No one's legs should do this...

The cause of his extreme bendiness was broken leg wires (and probably the general age of the latex too).

I tried to slot new wires up through his hooves as suggested by other members of J-Club but it wasn't very successful. Instead I've been slitting open his legs, removing broken wire sections and replacing them. 

He's not as solid as a new Julip, but he can just about stand now. He still needs some more Milliput and then the repaired patches will need to be painted over. I've not yet decided whether to rehair him - his mane and tail are quite thin and prone to shedding, but they give him a nice vintage look. 

He has a new rug and headcollar to keep him warm while he recuperates.

Until I finish working on him two of the other Julips are helpfully propping him up for safety. He will be all recovered soon, hopefully in time for the Lake District Live next month.

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