Sunday, 18 January 2015

Resin wishlist

My horse collection includes only one resin, a Sentinel by Stacey Tumlinson. The CTF models have always been my favourites, plus resins are typically out of my price range, so I've never bought one for myself. Besides that, I like to paint mostly my own customs, and I daren't put paint on anything so expensive yet!

If I were to branch out into resins, though, I'd have...

Sneaky edit: 0. Lyra by Mindy Berg. I don't think I've loved a resin this much yet!

1. Iskra, sculpted by James Richmond. I love this big awkward looking horse and her goofy expression.

2. Palmerston, sculpted my Michael Lovejoy. This cute foal IS within my price range, so I'll probably paint one one day! The textured finish looks quite forgiving too so I think I'd dare try :)

3. Chica by Brigitte Eberl

4. Hickory by Sheila Bishop

5. Ravenhill Revisted by Stacey Tumlinson - this horse has such a gentle facial expression.

6. Utopia II (Kokomo) by Kathleen Moody

7. Infinity by Kathleen Moody. I can think of a couple of horses I've known which this would be a great portrait mould for.

8. Mini Fabrizio by Stacey Tumlinson. That little Sentinel definitely started something - she has so many sculptures I love! I think this guy would make a good British native pony.

I'll come back and update the list in the future, but these are my favourites so far.

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