Friday, 26 December 2014

Happy Christmas!

I hope everyone has had a happy Christmas and Boxing Day and enjoys the New Year too! I've spent some lovely times with friends and family so far, made a tactical retreat home today on account of the snow and now I'm on my holidays until the new year - very happy!

My friends and family gave me some brilliant horsey gifts this year which I thought I'd share...

I asked for this book on the genetics of horse colours and I've not really put it down since Christmas day! I did my degree in biology and always wanted to use equine examples in my essays, but horses seemed to be studied very little compared to other (more affordable or more easily studied) animals for most topics. Anyway, the book is fascinating and I'm loving it.

My dad also slipped in a tiny horse with the book... look at that derpy face!

Jan sent me a beautiful Julip card and a bundle of fabrics, ribbons and fittings which I can't wait to start making tack with:

One of my best friends gave me two silly Christmas reindeer because she said she thought they'd look funny next to "all my serious horses in their stuff"... I thought that was super thoughtful. (Serious horse included for reference.)

And another friend actually got me a model horse... from a computer game we've both played.

Like all the best toy horses, his tack is removable and he's fully poseable!

I also got some Christmas money which I put towards a Breyer Traditional in the Utterly Horses sale, so I'm looking forwards to him arriving (plus a travelling companion...) once UH re-opens for 2015.

Finally.... my first Christmas tree of my very own!! It's very much penguin themed (long story - I have a LOT of penguins). I'll leave you with a photo, thanks for reading and once again I hope everyone reading is having a great holiday :)

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