Friday, 7 November 2014

Autumn update

Happy Halloween and bonfire night everyone!

My hobbies have all been somewhat "on hold" recently because I finally moved out into my own flat. Since I found out I had a job, while I was still at uni, I went through a few different expectations - house sharing seemed the best option for a while but it just didn't work out, so I now live in a little flat over a dentist and sleep in the attic. I absolutely love it!!

Given that I now have a WHOLE FLAT, I packed up my model collection and brought them with me...
Getting everyone down from their shelves to pack.

I made pouches for as many models as I could before actually moving.

I looked at a number of pretty dodgy flats before I found the one I've moved to, which could not be more perfect. I mean that literally - it has this ideal nook behind the stairs where my favourite models are on display - and thankfully it was under my budget!

(Apologies for the lack of a daylight photo - turns out being a real grown up with a real grown up job means I'm rarely home before dark.)

I'm still looking for somewhere to ride here and settling into my job, but everything seems to be going well here (touch wood!) from nice human neighbours to a patchy jackdaw in the back yard and a garage who help me work on my car.

In terms of model horses, I have a few updates to post - several new Julip arrivals, photos from my first ever live show and recent tack-making exploits. I also feel the need to say how much I LOVE the new Sarah Mink sculpture for Breyer - one of those is definitely coming to live here when released as a regular run!

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