Monday, 14 July 2014

Dapple grey CollectA Dartmoor

This little guy is my first attempt at a dappled grey. He was done in pastels and Games Workshop acrylic, with Citadel Skull White base coat and Testors Dullcote sealant. I've just realised I still need to gloss his eyes and hooves! To do the dapples I used a technique I remember watching a video on - I applied a layer of black pastel and removed it using alcohol on a cotton bud. His colour is loosely based on a pony I once knew, Pearlwell Ruby Tuesday, when she was young and still grey.

For next time, I think I need to use more references for the pattern the dapples take and maybe make them smaller for a model of this scale. I also really struggled with black pastel - in places it was hard to make it dark enough and elsewhere white primer turned grey far too quickly, so maybe next time I will try to use more gradual layering.

All my native ponies have "magical" themed names so he needs one to match and a choice of British breed.

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