Monday, 16 June 2014

Summer projects

Although my exams are over, it's still the best part of three weeks until I will be home with my customising equipment. I'm getting impatient, so here is a list of my projects for this summer.

Breyer Classics "American Quarter Horse Stallion" mould
Current state: prepped and basecoat
Plans: ???

Unknown brand Stablemates scale pony foal
Current state: some prep work done
Plans: ???

Breyer Classics "Black Stallion" mould
Current state: OF
Plans: dapple grey arab mare "Pollen"

Breyer Traditional "Valentine" mould
Current state: removing old, damaged paint job.
Plans: ???

Collecta Dartmoor Stallion
Current state: prepped, needs primer
Plans: Some sort of riding school pony? Maybe Shetland x Welsh or Dartmoor.

Collecta Mustang foal
Current state: prepped, needs primer
Plans: ???

Various "My Beautiful Horses" bodies
Hobbit hole XC jump (SM scale)
College backdrop photos (SM/Collecta scale)
Portable arena set-up with sand (??? scale)

I also want to make my friend Kirsty a model of her loan mare Tara and Tara's new foal. It's Kirsty's birthday next month although I'm not sure they will be ready in time; I can always send it as a random present, because I've been riding with Kirsty for a year now and come to be really grateful for her friendship.

As for the bodies above, I have a major problem of "too much choice" and can't decide which colours to put on each horse. I desperately need to get choosing before I am home!

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