Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Rockingham Horse Trials

Last month Elli, Georgie and I went to Corby for Rockingham Horse Trials.

We got a little bit cold and damp, but it was a great day out.

I also brought Tom... I think this may have been his last horse show. We've been to one together before and watched some dressage and working hunter classes; I promised him that cross country would be more exciting. Apparently I was wrong. 

When we could see it, the scenery was beautiful.

At times, however, it vanished into the mist.

Georgie and I were both big fans of Jack Sparrow, owned by Andrew Hoy.

We also all admired the JCB set up around the water fences. If I could find a little toy JCB I could try and recreate it with models! (Ambitious much?)

I especially liked this bay who we saw in the show jumping and his flashy white markings.

Despite the inclement weather I had a fantastic day, so big thanks to Georgie for suggesting it!

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